Basic Techniques of Modern Table Tennis VI

Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 1 DVD
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Date on Shelf: 2009-07-07
ISRC: CN-M23-08-325-00/V.G8

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This series approaches Ping-pong game (or table tennis) from 8 aspects: its basic theory, sports equipment, basic skills, basic skills put to drill, basic tactics put to use, disciplines, doubles and physical training. A systematic and step-by-step method is applied to approach this table tennis game and help the fans master various ways to play ping-pong skillfully. This series is suitable for those students at colleges, universities as well as elementary and secondary schools, ping-pong players at different levels, professional ping-pong coaches and the majority of ping-pong fans at different levels.
Episode 6
1.Basic Technique Training
2.Basic Tactics and Training Methods
4.Stamina Training

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