Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Herb Therapy, Chinese & English

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Authors: Fan Dongming, Sun Liying, Sang Xisheng; Publishing house: Science Publishing House
1st edition in 2006; 1st printing in 2006; ISBN: 7-03-010584-2
Language: Bilingual, Chinese-English; Size: 6.6"X9.5"; 461 Pages; Paperback

Brief Description:
The book systematically introduces the treatments of various diseases.  The book is divided into five sections, which separately introduces the treatment of internal diseases, obstetric diseases, diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat, surgical diseases and pediatric diseases, and which include acupuncture and moxibustion therapy and recipe therapy.

The compiling methods are as follows:
The book chooses 64 kinds of clinical common diseases and frequently encountered diseases, which consists of 28 kinds of internal diseases, 12 kinds of obstetric diseases, 7 kinds of diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat, 9 kinds of surgical diseases and 8 kinds of pediatric diseases.

Each disease is divided into four parts: summarization, pathogenic factor and pathogenesis, differentiation of syndromes and treatment.

The item of ‘treatment’ is made of acupuncture and moxibustion therapy and recipe therapy.

‘Acupuncture and moxibusiton therapy’  consists of body acupuncture therapy, scalp acupuncture therapy, ear acupuncture therapy, point injection therapy, skin needle therapy and catgut embedding at acupoints and so on, and also introduces the treatment, prescription, manipulation, etc.

‘Recipe therapy’ diagnoses and treats the diseases based on differentiation of syndromes, ant the chosen recipes and Chinese herbs are given dear indication of reference dose, at the same item attached modification for reference to clinic.

The book strives to take strong practicability as principle, give prominence to Chinese medicine characteristics in compilation, organically combine acupuncture and moxibustion therapy and recipe therapy and make each diseases treatment for into a whole system.

The book can be the reference for those learning the traditional Chinese medicine, clinical medical staff and foreign students alike. 

Table of Content (5 Chapters)
1.     Internal Diseases (28 sections)
2.     Gynecopathy (12 sections)
3.     Diseases of five sense organs (7 sections)
4.     Surgical diseases (9 sections)
5.     Pediatric diseases (8 sections)

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