A Handbook of Chinese Near-Synonyms, Beijing University Press

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Author:  Mu Shuyuan; Publishing house: Beijing University Press; ISBN: 7-301-05-4747034-4;  
1st edition in 2004;  2nd printing in 2004; PP: 216 pages;  Size: 5.5''x8''; Paperback;
Language: English translation covering some certain parts only

Brief Description:
The handbook is compiled just for the purpose to make the reader become more familiar with the common similar words in modern Chinese and use them more properly.
47 pairs of near-synonyms are collected in this book. The book is written in commonly used simplified Chinese.  English translation is provided in ‘explanation part’.
The strength of this book lies in that it not only presents all meanings for each pair of near-synonyms, but also focuses on the key meanings that are easily confused. 
By distinguishing and analyzing these words and providing corresponding exercises, the book will make the reader have correct understanding and accurate mastery of the similar words in modern Chinese.  As a result, the reader will become more proficient in Chinese.

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