A Guide to Function Words in Modern Chinese, Learn Mandarin

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Compiler: Li Xiaoqi;  Publishing house: Beijing University Press
ISBN: 7-301-06448-9; 1st edition 2003; 2nd printing 2005
Language: Chinese & English; Size: 5.85X8.2 inch; 498 Pages; Paperback

Brief Description:
The handbook is written for learners whose native languages are not Chinese and use English as a medium language.  A concise and practical book of the function words of the modern Chinese language, effectively help learners grasp the meaning and usage of Chinese function words.  Of 536 function words based on the Glossary Grade Synopsis of HSK, 328 are adverbs, 106 are conjunctions, 56 are prepositions, 26 are auxiliary words and 20 are exclamations. 

Major Features:
1.     The definitions and the sample sentences are designed for the need of non-native speakers
2.     The definitions stress on the usage of function words and technical terminology has been kept to a minimum.
3.     The book supplies many useful and standard sample sentences that are often used in everyday life, so the book is also a collection of Chinese everyday sentences.
4.     NOTE and COMPARE are used in the definitions.  NOTE is used to indicate mistakes that users often make and COMPARE is used to indicate the differences between two similar function words.
5.     The definitions, the explanations of usage, the NOTE and the COMPARE are all translated into English.
6.     There are many indexes in the handbook, very convenient for users.

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