A Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Idioms, L;earn MANDARIN

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Compiler: Pan Weigui; Publishing house: Sinolingua Press
ISBN: 7800522376;  1st edition 2000, 2nd printing 2002
Language: Chinese & English; Size: 5.15X7.3 inch; 1059 pages;  Paperback

Brief Description: 
The dictionary contains comprehensive definitions of over 2,327 commonly encountered Chinese idioms, including a small number of set phrases.  The dictionary is arranged according to the Chinese phonetic alphabet, with two indexes: Alphabetical Index and Character Stroke Index.  This bilingual dictionary serves as a very useful reference for foreign Chinese learners at intermediate level, also ideal for linguists and those interested in Chinese idioms and culture.

Main Features: 
The text of this dictionary consists of four parts: phonetic notation, meaning, usage, and examples:
1.        Phonetic Notation: Each idiom is marked with the Chinese phonetics alphabet;
2.        Meaning: Each word of an idiom is annotated, then the idiom is explained literally, and finally the original, extended and metaphoric meaning are provided;
3.        Usage: The usage of an idiom is explained through applicable object, occasion, language environment, composition, etc;
4.        Example: The usage explanation for each idiom is followed by two or four carefully selected sentences to illustrate the usage of the idiom as well as to provide examples for reader to follow.
The meaning and usage of each idiom is provided in both Chinese and English.

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