20 Episode Teleplay King

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Starring: SongZhanyu WangSifei KeJiahua QianShuiHaoLong
Director: Huren
Soundtrack Language: Chinese
Subtitle Language: Chinese and English
Medium: 7 DVD
Publish Press:
Date on Shelf: 2007-07-14
ISRC: F28-05-0105-0/V.J9

Item Descriptions:
It happened in a city called QingJiang in the early 80th century. Wuzhi, though being a handicapped kid, made a firm resolution to be an outstanding Xanda player since he was a child. According to painstaking training, he finally got away from the wheelchair and achieved his aim.
Wuzhi always learned what his mother said by heart, that is You can do anything you want well. Mr.Zhang, the coach of Xanda, was moved by his spirit, so he made an exception to train him. Grandpa Hong who was Mr.Zhang's teacher, cultivated Wuzhi's personality and volition.
Then, Wuzhi won the champion in the China.America  anda Championships and China,Japan Xanda Championships Contest, which brought great hornor to himself and Chinese nation.
During the China"America"anda Championships, Wuzhi and his opponent, an American Gill , became good friends. Gill's sister fell in love with Wuzhi while learning Chinese Kungfu in China, her pursuit in American style made Wuzhi have no idea whether to laugh or cry.
But Wuzhi still loved his girlfriend Wangdan, who was running after fame and wealth heart and soul. Wangdan suffered cancer of the stomach because of heavy burden, Wuzhi never gave her up.
The Japanese coach DuBianYiLang said that Xanda based on Karati were bound to defeat Chinese Kungfu, but Wuzhi said no through his brave action. He won the first in the China Japan Xanda Championships again.

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